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Times have been tough enough for christians, time's flying more than ever today, we can't meet like before we did, our jobs have been consuming us, as we try to be present in our christian events we can find out ourselves that the day before the event we are not be able to attend, It's a hard situation this one that we are facing at these moments. God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ helps us to deal with this big problem and allows us to pray like Luther, the great reformer, when he said that he needed to pray three hours to get more time to do his tasks.

And how pastor Spurgeon said, we need to be prepared to seek and search for those who are lost and hopeless. We have to be astut and camouflage ourselves to gain souls (as pastor Charles H. Spurgeon tought in his Book The Soul Winner by Spurgeon).

John Harvard was a wealthy man who loved God and humanity a lot, He was another one with the mind of a puritan. He gave his books up for Harvard University to be a reality, and what a reality! (It's a pity nowadays Harvard Univiversity has Changed its philosophy).

The Doctrines of Grace's Faith (TULIP Theology) has played a crucial paper in the development of this world where we're living, and if men and women changed it with their big, patient and bold, holy work, we can also keep on doing it today. Let's share our lives at this site, share our faith, thoughts, skills, businesses, christian behavior and values. Talk, Talk and Talk. And about the sound books, just Read, read, and read them until you can grasp their truths, and mainly the reading of the Rolls (The Holy Scriptures, The Bible)

Young people, teen-agers (18 and up), adults, elderly people, men and women, brethren, elders, pastors are welcome here.

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The movie Courageous is a great example of how God's men have to take accountability with their family... We encourage you to get and watch this movie with your relatives and friends.






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